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Color Communications Innovations (CCI) prides itself on its mission to develop, manufacture and deliver superior quality products to any business with a need for accurate color. The advanced color replication methods used at CCI enable us to serve even the most specialized of coating industries.


Technical Expertise

CCI has extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of color marketing material for the world’s leading paint companies. We employ specialist staff who use high-end color matching equipment so we can ensure you get a near-perfect result and we are proud of our 99% first-time approval rate.


Situated in Chicago, CCI is in the best location to service the growing paint and coating industries across America.


CCI were one of the earliest innovators in environmentally friendly paint technology for use in color marketing tools and we remain the trendsetter in responsible production processes. Our patented, environmentally friendly water-based paint is used in more than 90% of our products and all our processes are monitored to minimize their environmental impact.

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