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If you require color charts for paint, CCI can provide you with accurate color representation.

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The Industry's only Water-Based, Low V.O.C. Coating System


Color Communications exculsive Watercolors TM  paint formulations are used in 98% of our decorative color tools. These specially engineered water-based coatings are formulated by us, and provides superior performance over solvent-based lacquer alternatives while reducing the impact on the environment. 




Quality and Consistency

  • Consistant accurate pigment alignment eliminates drift to ensure run to run consistancy 
  • Eliminates need for color standard maintence for reduced lead times & express freight savings
  • Our color quality protocols correlate spectrophotometers, pigment alignment and maximum allowed color tolerance though weekly BT readings
  • Superior colorfastness, non-yellowing & mar resistant

Environmental Benefits

  • 325,000 gallons of water-based coatings used annually
  • Mercury & Lead Chromate free
  • 812 tons of VOC eliminated per year
  • Natural Gas savings are equal to heating 900 homes for 12 months. 
  • Recyclable
  • Eliminates paper dust
  • 5,500 tons of product can be recycled = 153,000 cubic feet of land fill space = 137,500 trees a year saved.


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