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Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and deliver superior products to a world-wide marketplace, utilising color in ways that generate more sales for our customers.

We are committed to the principle that the priority of our business is meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

The advanced color replication methods used at CCI enable us to serve even the most specialized of color industries.

Our most important asset is our rapport with you our customers. To build relationships, we must understand your needs and expectations, and respond to you in a way which leaves you delighted with the end product.

Our people are our company in every business contact. It is through our employees that we have established a reputation for quality, innovation and responsiveness.

The ability to bring together the specialized skills and knowledge of our production and sales teams, combined with a clear understanding of the needs of our customers, has been essential to our success.

We strive to develop new products and techniques in a spirit of co-operation with our customers to satisfy their evolving needs.

Our vision for the future includes an organisation designed and structured to serve the color-influencing needs of an ever-changing, global marketplace.


We are proud to house all of the key processes, services, techniques, & technology that create the full-service color experience in our facilities worldwide.

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