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We pledge highly accurate color matching to all our Customers. CCI achieves unsurpassed quality by combining the latest technologies with old-fashioned human commitment.

By employing specialist staff who use high-end color matching equipment, we can ensure you receive a near-perfect result. We are proud of our 99% first-time approval rate. Throughout the process there is regular, timely and clear communication with you our customer to achieve product correlation.

We use a superior coating technology, which applies paint evenly to a large surface. Color chips are then applied to the printed marketing material. Our process delivers more accurate colors than can ever be achieved with printing ink. Also, the end result is more appealing and realistic than when paint is deposited directly on to the printed material.

Our unique process allows us to create any texture or sheen and any combination of these on a single card, swatch or fan deck leaf, so that you can be assured that your samples will represent your colors and final look accurately for your customers.

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