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Decorative Color

Color continues as a personalized expression in the home, in the workplace, and in all architectural surroundings.

CCI’s patented WaterColors® coating process along with its’ proprietary Aquafilm® coating material provide the structure to sample the numerous color effects found in today’s decorative and architectural finishes and stains.

Our unique methods for reproducing your samples provides a new level of performance for durability and color fastness that simulates all types of architectural finishes and stains with varying degrees of gloss.

It also enables CCI to replicate the effect of all types of decorative paints and coatings, giving us a full range of color solutions for the ever-growing, ever-changing decorative color market.

We strive to be as dynamic as the colors we reproduce.

Color in Design

  • In the Decorative world, Color is King. Paint is a fundamental aspect of design and on a more personal level, color choices play a tremendous role in daily life.
  • Paints and finishes that are applied on residential and commercial buildings. This important coatings industry covers a large category of applications: interior and exterior house paints, primers, sealers, varnishes and stains
  • Surface modifiers enhance durability of interior and exterior paints, sealants and finishes by providing various protective elements not found in most other paints.
  • The makeup of these coatings and paints contributes to their overall look/finish, and their samples should communicate the same effect as the original!

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