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The War in Ukraine

The War in Ukraine

Upwards of $40 billion has been sent to Ukraine from the United States with talks of even more aid trickling in from all over. Blue and Yellow are possibly the two most talked about colors with every passing day the war rages on in Ukraine.


One of the biggest unsung heroes of the fight is the American-Ukrainian population. There are rumors of people checking luggage filled with supplies on flights to Poland so Ukrainian refugees can pick up a checked bag filled with first aid and food.


Color Communications is no stranger to a struggle. When we realized that this was happening, we decided to coat a Color Tac Sticker to pass out to some of our Ukrainian employees. It became so popular that whenever a new truck driver stopped in, they would ask for one.


These little Color Tac flags have eventually made their way to Oleg, a Ukrainian pastor practicing at St. Joseph the Betrothed Ukrainian Catholic Church. He takes these flags and sets them out in his pews for his parishioners to take and pass around their community.


This flag is beginning to represent more than just wheat and sky. It’s standing up to a bully. It’s looking out for a little guy. It’s the hope to be free, and as the war rages on in the breadbasket of the world, there’s nothing more dangerous.


Color Communications is making donations to Razom, a non for profit that is helping Ukraine. We hope you join us.

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