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·      A national manufacturer of Architectural Panels was looking for a way to provide their customers with custom colors having superior durability.

·      There was also a need for standardized colors that were outside the color gambit possible with their current process.

·      The company needed a partner who had technical color expertise, knowledge of pigments, and application abilities to process wide width material. 


·      The Architectural Panel manufacturer turned to Color Communications (CCI) to meet this need.

·      CCI used its extensive knowledge of Automotive pigments and coatings to develop an entirely new product line for this application.

·      CCI undertook a 2-year development commitment coordinating with suppliers and the client on process standardization and product durability testing of the new product line.


·      CCI has consistently delivered on tight timelines, even during peak periods.

·      Ongoing color accuracy, product durability, and quality requirements regularly meet or exceed the customer’s specifications.

·      The CCI product has become a part of the Architectural Panel manufacturer’s patented process.




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