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·    A national paint manufacturer / retailer was looking for a solution to create a common color card to be used across their retail stores as well as big box retail partners.

·    The company’s goals were to reduce production costs while maintaining a consistent look and feel.


·    The national paint manufacturer turned to Color Communications Innovations (CCI) to meet this need.

·    CCI created a template which could be used across the company’s retail locations as well being included in a big box retailer across 2300 locations.

·    CCI’s template displayed the top 30 colors from each of the color families which were represented in multiple marketing brochures.



·    By creating the cross-channel color card program the paint company was able to have a consistent look and feel within its own retail locations as well as in their big box retailer partners.

·    The program was such a success, the paint company tasked CCI to model a similar program for a second cross channel program as well as their wood stain program.

·    As a result of this innovation, the paint company now has a uniform look across all of its retail partners and has been able to save costs by utilizing consistent layouts.





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