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·    SDI Displays Ltd., a specialized Retail & Hospitality Agency, needed a color tool to provide accurate color standards to enable manufacturers to create mannequins in the correct colors and finishes.

·    Previous attempts to find a vendor capable of producing this with sufficient accuracy were not successful.  


·    SDI Displays Ltd. approached Color Communications Europe (CCE) to meet their exacting requirements.  CCE created a fan deck tool to meet these needs.

·    CCE matched and coated each color to the color standards, achieving high color accuracy

·    Color applications included gloss, satin, matt, standard and special metallic colors.  

·    Attention to detail was paramount and required the CCE production team to use specialized non-smudge gloves to avoid surface contamination when handling the soft touch lamination covers


·    CCE dispatched full order quantity to the customer on budget.

·    Color accuracy and overall presentation of the fandeck was extremely well received and customers were delighted with the final result.

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