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·        A national transportation paint manufacturer wanted to showcase new specialty finishes to clients and prospects.

·        The company desired to produce actual flake samples across the color spectrum as well as across different substrates to highlight the multiple options available.

·        The manufacturer also asked for new, fresh thinking regarding how they might create excitement and interest beyond the color samples.



·        The national paint manufacturer awarded the job to Color Communications Innovations (CCI).

·        CCI created actual sprayed panels that included customer supplied flakes and colorants. The metal panels were multi-dimensional to highlight the new finishes.

·        The sprayed panels were attached to boards so that they could be brought into sunlight to see the true sparkle and color

·        CCI also developed nylon posters in regional color collections to create an emotional connection. The posters were provided to various plant facilities to help build excitement.

·        Additionally, CCI manufactured small fan decks for transportation companies featuring regional color collections, promoting the range of color options available.



·        CCI provided an innovative response to the client’s needs on-time and on-budget.

·        The CCI solution helped lead to a successful introduction of the next generation of transportation coatings / finishes for the client.

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